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CWLP aims at providing internet service to the people in the city through the fiber optic cable connections. CWLP ventured into offering fiber internet service in 2017 with the aim of offering the service as a cheaper option compared to the few entities offering the service in the region. CWLP’s fiber internet offers a connection speed of up to 1Gbps, which is far superior to the typical cable connection of 10-25Mbps. Such ultra-fast speed means that more connected devices can stream, download and surf without any hindrance of lagging or buffering. The launch of the service serves to intensify competition in the internet market in the city and allows customers to benefit from the availability of the service. The above municipal utility service provides three significant fiber internet packages perfect for different usage levels. Regarding pricing, CWLP fiber internet is rather affordable, and when you combine it with the company’s electricity and water supply, you get the fiber internet for even less money. Installation and equipment are also free for the homeowners, especially for a one-year agreement term. CWLP also offers free Wi-Fi hotspots for the citizens and anyone interested in using internet connection at any random place in the city. But as more cities and buildings adopt CWLP fiber, the city plans to leverage the network for enhancing the smart grid and connectivity for governmental services.

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