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Cirra Networks is an ISP company that was established in 1996 and is located in San Jose California. That began with the offer of dial-up Internet service and has grown to offer DSL, cable modem, fiber optics, and fixed wireless Internet in northern and central California specifically to consumers and businesses. Cirra Networks is one of the several sizable ISPs operating in the state catering the internet services and has built the reputation of offering fast internet connection as well as being backed up by a competent customer service department. Its internet service includes the following: DSL internet with basic 5Mbps internet for low usage clients and fiber internet with up to gigabit service for high usage clients such as households and business institutions. It was highly praised by the customers as it offers 24/7 technical support in addition to providing no data limits, throttling or hidden charges. Cirra has ramped up its efforts in broadening its fibre optic internet access to deliver gigabit connectivity to more households in recent years. It now offers fiber services to some selected communities in San Jose, Fremont, Santa Clara, and other cities with an expanding list of coverage in the East Bay region. In the future, Cirra Networks look forward towards preparing their infrastructure for the increasing Internet needs of the future. Its fiber optics network is expanding, and it is imparting to its commercial and residential customers improved speed, dependability, and versatility.

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