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CIP (Community Internet Providers) is a social mission driven program designed to allow more people in the United States to gain affordable, reliable internet access. It was launched in January 2021 with the assistance of a group of volunteers and nonprofit organizations that have joined the mission to eliminate the digital divide. CIP operates on the premise of reaching out to the targeted communities in order to establish their own cheap and efficient wireless internet networks. They supply technical know-how, necessary tools, and seed capital to establish networks. The networks are then operated continuously with the support of people within the local community, such as staff and volunteers. This is because the networks based on the CIP model are non-profit organizations that are set up to provide a public amenity, and not for profit-making. Members purchase board and care at a reasonable monthly cost, depending on their income bracket. The networks are also reliable because they employ modern wireless networking technologies, such as TV white space spectrum, that can cover entire towns and are not readily susceptible to disasters. Thus, CIP has assisted in the establishment of community-based internet service providers offering connections to more than 5000 households in rural towns and urban areas that are Gesellschafté—» neighborhoods that were left behind in the digital transformation. Its premise focuses on supporting the most vulnerable communities, with an emphasis on giving them the access they need.

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