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Choice Wireless Internet is a wireless internet service provider that specializes in providing broadband services in the rural areas of the Midwest region. Established in 2005 by a group of locals, the company has a mission to provide affordable broadband internet to towns and counties. Through fixed wireless and TVWS networks, Choice Wireless is in a position to offer a 25Mps download speed and beyond to customers even in rural areas. This is in contrast to the traditional DSL services where the connection speed is comparatively slower. Choice Wireless operates radio towers that beam wireless signals across entire counties without the need for cables. Customers just need to attach a small receiver at their homes and they are ready to go. Choice Wireless has grown rapidly over the last ten years because they have been able to form joint ventures with local governments and electric co-ops to cover over 50,000 households and other businesses. The company completely aims to offer its customers friendly customer service and support; this internet company offers internet that does not require a consumer to sign a long-term contract and does not put a limit on the amount of data that can be used. Choice Wireless provides various communities especially those in rural areas the opportunity to gain access to these necessities such as school, work, and telemedicine among others. The company has the vision to expand and invest and in the coming years experience increased internet penetration and accessibility in the region.

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