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Chat mobility Internet is the capacity to move a live chat and any conversation that is ongoing from one device and platform to another. It is especially helpful that more and more people employ multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, as chat mobility means that a user can continue a conversation on one device and pick it up on another device without losing chat history and context. Several advantages of chat mobility internet include the following; there is a continuing conversation that is not interrupted by phone connection problems, it offers flexibility since it does not require physical mobility, and it is convenient as a conversation can continue even with the physical location of the other person. The capability to relay on different devices is possible during the flow of a chat to satisfy user needs. For example, one can begin a conversation on a computer at the workplace, then a chat on a mobile while traveling and later converse on the tablet at home in the evening. Some of the major chat apps we use today including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Slack come with chat mobility features such as synchronization across the gadgets, the online availability icon, and the storage of chat history in the cloud. Enterprise applications also include chat mobility solutions through which the customers may interact with the business agents using any device. As the culture of working from home is growing also, chat mobility stands before its users as a new necessity of modern Internet interactions and teamwork.

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