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Celerity Networks is an internet service provider company located in Chicago that offers both local and online services. Founded by David Wong in 2004, Celerity provides fibre optic internet connection, which is available in both the urban and rural settings within the Chicagoland region. Internet speeds are as high as 1 Gbps which makes Celerity Networks among the fastest internet connection providers in the region and this means customers can watch 4K videos, play online games fluently and connect several Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. For the past ten years, Celerity has established a fiber network that is very dependable and can easily minimize the instances of service interruptions with the availability standing at 99. 99%. Celerity Networks internet is aimed to meet the needs of the basic and power user, where you can have more than one service level from 25Mbps up to multi Gbps plans with the possibility of choosing different pricing models. They also offer round the clock customer support, free home Wi-Fi network configuration services, and routers that are managed with ease through their website and mobile application. Rather than slowing down, Celerity Networks plans to advance its fiber optic infrastructure as the company strives to be Chicago’s leading ISP of fast, dependable, and inexpensive internet.

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