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CDE Lightband is a broadband service provider that operates in Clarksville city, Tennessee and its environs. It has fiber internet plans with up to 1Gbps download and upload speeds, making it a good option for many users. With no limitations on the amount of data that one can use, CDE Lightband has strategies to offer residents and business excellent services in broadband. Their basic offer is even cheaper, going for $44. 95 per month with a download speed of 150Mbps. This is a good package for the majority of households who require basic internet usage for activities such as streaming, web browsing, etc. For an addition $10 on your monthly subscription, you can get an increased speed of 300 Mbps. Currently, power users or households with many individuals may find their most rapid gigabit package most appropriate under their $99. 95 per month package, which offers 1000Mbps. It has become a norm for most internet packages offered by CDE Lightband to be inclusive of their Premium WiFi service that comes with enhanced equipment to eliminate dead zones where one cannot access the internet, enhanced security measures against malware as well powerfully simplified parental controls to block specific contents that one may find unsuitable for their children. CDE Lightband offers customer friendly prices with focused local customer care services as a provider of high speed fiber optic internet in Clarksville with impressive speed and durability. If you require internet for working video calls, children’s remote learning, gaming, or streaming high-quality 4K videos, CDE Lightband has a plan for your home.

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  • Fiber

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