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CBN Internet is one of the most widely recognized internet services companies in Nigeria that provides fast and stable internet connections for both homes and workplaces. This company was founded in 2021, and although Christian Broadcasting Network owns it, CBN has a vast network of facilities across Nigeria on which CBN Internet relies to offer broadband internet connections. CBN Internet offers different cheap internet packages to enable it to meet the needs f different customers. Some of these are home plans with speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is perfectly suitable for video streaming, online gaming, and smooth browsing. Business packages are also offered with equal download and upload speeds, and security features are also offered suitable for contemporary business. One of the significant benefits of CBN Internet is the use of fiber-optic as a medium, which provides a higher, faster, and more stable connection with fewer interruptions. Another strength of the company is its broad network coverage, which helps bring services closer to customers and reach many states in Nigeria. CBN Internet sustains the noble course of closing the digital gap in Nigeria through satisfying customer relations, faster connectivity, competitive tariff plans, and the extension of the network. The ever-expanding customer community, combined with the company’s continued investments in modern network solutions, proves its commitment to providing high-speed and reliable internet to more people in Nigeria.

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  • Fixed Wireless

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