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Casair Internet is one of the foremost ISPs which is located in the city of Cartagena in the South American country of Colombia. Casair was founded in 2005 by Enrique Sanchez and has since been considered one of the most reliable and fastest Internet providers in the area. Fiber optic cables and networking equipment are used to ensure fast connection speeds to households and commercial premises in Cartagena. The basic plan offered is at $19. 99 which provides up to 25Mbps speed. Monster data hounds can sign up for Casair plans that provide up to 1Gbps speeds- among the highest home broadband speeds out there. The unique selling proposition of Casair would, however, be their outstanding records in offering customer relations services. Their technical support is always on call round the clock, therefore, if you encounter a problem with the internet connection or speed, then you can be sure that you will be assisted. Customers also benefit from free home installation and router set up, especially for those who have just subscribed to the services. Since its inception over a decade and a half ago, Casair has built a strong brand reputation around speed, availability, and quality of customer care. As day-to-day activities and commercial proceedings continue to shift to the online platform, Casair Internet intends to ensure that the citizens of Cartagena and businesses have the necessary connectivity by developing the existing fiber optic network further. It offers very competitive prices for its services and has been applauded for its excellent customer relations; thus, making Casair the best internet service provider for Cartagena and other regions.

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