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CarolinaConnect Internet is a LlC that is located in North Carolina and focuses on providing internet services. CarolinaConnect was established in 2005 with the intention of serving internet connectivity services, especially high-speed internet services, to North Carolina communities at reasonable prices. CarolinaConnect employs a fiber-wireless broadband network to deliver its internet connection. This makes it possible for them to tap the rural market, which has no access to cable or DSL lines from large internet service providers. Their network uses a fiber-optic backbone together with fixed wireless signals to send out signals. Using the CarolinaConnect Internet service, customers can get download speeds up to 100 Mbps, which makes it suitable for using the Internet for such purposes as casual browsing, streaming of HD video content, online gaming, and smart home system usage. The internet packages they offer lack data limits, and they have a customer service department that operates at all times, with the team being based in North Carolina. A North Carolina-based ISP that seeks to provide internet services to underserved rural communities, CarolinaConnect Internet, has grown its reach to provide reliable connectivity to more than 75,000 households in NC. Shared hosting plans start at $49.99 per month, with the first month being free of charge. CarolinaConnect’s management also plans to provide affordable and reliable internet services to various communities across North Carolina through the expansion of the firm.

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  • Fiber

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