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Carolina West wireless is an internet service provider that is owned and operated by the Tucker family and is based in the western part of North Carolina. Carolina West was founded in 2002 to offer high speed internet connectivity to remote areas where access to the same is scarce. Carolina West serves some several counties in the western part of NC and uses a fixed wireless network to transmit internet signals directly to customer premises. It enables them to receive voice calls or data transmission from areas that have not been wired with the normal copper landlines or fiber optics. Their network comprises several radio transmitters that are majorly fixed on hills, mountains, and communications towers. Carolina West has wireless broadband plans which enable users to download data at a varying speed of 5 Mbps up to 30 Mbps. Although not as efficient as fiber, it is still much faster than dial-up or satellite internet connection. Their plans have a massive amount of MBs which are suitable for streaming, gaming, and for use with multiple devices. Customer service is locally based making it easier for technical support to assist customers that experience challenges. Since the demand for connectivity increases in rural regions, Carolina West Wireless never stops upgrading their network and increasing the footprint across the region. Owned by local shareholders, they are dedicated to providing their western NC clientele with a prompt, dependable option for wireless internet to homes and companies.

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