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Calnet Internet service is the major provider of Internet services for University of California and California State University systems. It offers internet service at millions of students, faculty and staff within the UC and CSU campuses with high speed. The Calnet was initiated into the year 1994 and has grown to be among the biggest and most sophisticated research and education networks in the United States of America. It has a high-speed statewide backbone network with multiple 10, 40/100 Gig E connections between the main locations. This offers adequate space for teaching, learning and research within the UC and CSU systems besides ensuring that bandwidth is not a constraint. Calnet has developed top-notch network infrastructure and cybersecurity systems which when combined; provide Internet access that meets the UC and CSU community’s requirements. It supports<|reserved_special_token_254|>al telephony, distance learning, video and music on-demand, computation intensive applications and other high bandwidth applications necessary in the modern higher learning institutions. Calnet Internet is a service provider that caters specifically to the UC and CSU campuses and thus, recognises the need for a secure connectivity solution for large public university systems. It aims to maintain cutting-edge expertise in network technologies and to continue to grow capacity to meet growing demand and sophistication in the utilization of the Internet across UC and CSU.

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