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Telesystem is one of the leading internet service providers in the region, offering a range of services, including high-speed fiber optic internet access to homes and businesses. Telesystem was established in 2005 and has its operations based on extensive network technology that enables them to offer fast, reliable, and secure Internet connections. Download speeds that can go up to 1 Gbps and the absence of data limits mean that you can browse, watch videos, play games, and more without problems such as buffering. Regardless of whether you have many people and gadgets in your home or have numerous servers and other bandwidth-demanding equipment at work, the high throughput of Telesystem’s fiber-optic network is capable of handling all of that. This means that when you are making use of the internet service provider referred to as Telesystem, you do not need to bother about the tedious procedures of configuration since it comes with the professional Telesystem internet installation. Their customer service wants to ensure that every technical problem that the customers encounter is solved within the shortest time possible so that the customers can continue with their work. The contract agreement for all plans includes a high-performance Wi-Fi router for seamless wireless coverage throughout the premises. For general usage, there are different affordable fiber packages, and for specialized usage, Telesystem provides only an unlimited fiber multi-gigabit 10Gbps plan. Realizing that the Internet is a dependable infrastructure that specializes in serving subscribers in various communities, Telesystem aims to providing the best experiences online.

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  • Fiber

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