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BrightWireless Internet is one of the Internet services companies that offer wireless high-speed Internet connection services. The company is an emerging telecommunications company launched in 2008 that focuses on providing wireless internet services in rural and suburban areas at affordable rates. Customers can enjoy download speeds of up to 25 Mbps with BrightWireless, which is sufficient to cater to streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, and more. Their network combines P2P and P2MP radio links to enable the provision of affordable and cost-effective connectivity to households in far-flung regions. Getting started is easy and does not involve any drilling, as the company only has to place a small receiver on the outside of the house which communicates with an internal router. Still, there is one aspect that makes BrightWireless stand out from other organizations, and it is their emphasis on niches that are not actively targeted by other similar organizations. The majority of providers focus on large cities, but these markets are already saturated, while BrightWireless is to provide wireless broadband services to rural towns and outer suburbs where people suffer from the lack of quality broadband connections. Using wireless distribution technology, the company has been able to offer residents and business entities fast, unlimited internet access, thus benefiting more than 100,000 residents who were earlier locked out of the information age. Offered at an amazingly cheap price, BrightWireless Internet also provides fast connection, which is bringing a positive change in the digital gap between rural and urban areas. It will in particular increase the inclusion of previously marginalized populations by providing them with access to essential services, information, opportunities, and connections that high-speed internet provides.

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