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BPS Networks is an ISP that enjoys its operations in the city of Boston. Founded in 2005, BPS Networks is a Boston-based internet service provider and the company’s primary objective is to deliver fast, reliable, and inexpensive internet connection to homes and other companies in the Boston metropolitan area. As a result of this, we have broadband internet packages that will enable BPS Networks to meet the needs of its clients. Starting with its home internet service, the company offers packages ranging from $29. 99 for a max download speed of 25 Mbps, which is ideal for simple web surfing and checking emails. It offers separate packages for large households and devices connected to the internet, which offer download speeds of 100Mbps to 1 GB with unlimited data usage. On the business side, BPS Networks offers business customers fiber-optic internet access with equal upload and download bandwidths for business continuity services. It also provides additional settings for all kinds of businesses, presenting itself as suitable for large companies and corporations, shops and markets, medical practices and clinics, etc. With a network of its own local offices in Boston, BPS Networks guarantees its subscribers dedication to the highest quality customer service and technical support. It offers a strong service platform to facilitate its going live and installation so that new clients can be connected within a day. Originally from Boston, BPS Networks still provides extensive customer feedback about supplying thousands of homes and offices with fast and stable internet connections during the last 10 years.

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