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Bolt Internet is a popular telecommunications company that provides fast DSL & fiber-optic internet connectivity to customers. Bolt is a Swazi-based ISP that was established in 2008 and is one of the most renowned and fastest-growing ISPS in the region currently. One area where Bolt distinguishes itself from other providers is the goal of delivering astonishingly fast and stable connection speed for an affordable price. They provide a choice of speed plans up to 1Gbps both – download and upload speeds via fiber optic connection. Their lowest tier of service, the basic tier, starts at 100 Mbps, which is far faster than a traditional cable or DSL connection. Moreover, Bolt Internet offers fast internet connection, reliability, unlimited downloads, and extraordinary customer relations.

They have a team of internet specialists who will ensure that they assist the customer in installing the internet service, assist in case the customer experiences a challenge with the connection, or answer any queries posed by the customers. They also give 30-day money-back guarantees so that any customer who uses the services of this company can do it without any fear of being scammed. High-speed internet at competitive prices, large bandwidth, fiber optic connection, and timely customer service make Bolt Internet an obvious winner for anyone in the area seeking the best internet service provider. The fact that they have a great dedication to service delivery and the ability to embrace new trends in technology make them a good choice for your home or business needs.

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