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Bluepeak is another internet service provider company that has been growing fast in the market and delivers fiber optic internet services. Established in 2019 and based in Denver, Colorado, Bluepeak has a clear mission to deliver high-quality internet connectivity to the regions that lack it, across America. As a result of its recent $500 million capital investment from its parent company, Bluebird Network, Bluepeak is accumulating the fiber optic network at a steady pace. Currently, by the year 2022, the company will have been able to spread its service delivery to parts of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas. Bluepeak, which is set to expand into new markets, aims to reach over 1.5 million new home and corporate clients within the next five years. Bluepeak provides internet services with equal download and upload speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, with no limit to data usage. The company has a lot of reputation for offering the best customer service as well as the most suitable and favorable plans for users who use the internet differently; lightly or frequently. A very popular offer of Bluepeak is that all the plans provided by the company include a WiFi router, so there are no monthly equipment fees. Similarly, there are no long-term plans to sign contracts or any sort of concealed charge that the company has. Since its establishment, Bluepeak has invested more in the enhancement of its infrastructure and has also offered competitive pricing for internet services. The company seeks to introduce fiber optic connections to rural and suburban areas where there is little or no access to these services.

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