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Bluebird Network is an efficient transporter of high-speed fiber internet services situated in the Midwest region of the United States. Established in Columbia, Missouri in 1999, Bluebird provides access to over 8,800 fiber route miles in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Bluebird provides a wide range of School, Business, Government, Healthcare, Data Center, Wireless Carriers, and Enterprise solutions in fiber-based services to its customers throughout the regions. Some of the services in this sector are metro and long haul private line transport, Ethernet, wavelengths, dark fiber, and Internet access among others. As a result, Bluebird has a direct and exclusive fiber optic network that it owns and operates, which enables specific solution development for specific customers. The company emphasizes its fiber-optic link that provides almost infinite bandwidth for transmitting data and applications that require a large amount of bandwidth. To counter this development and to be able to meet the customers’ increased need for bandwidth today and in the future, Bluebird has made large investments in its networks. As a firm with rich experience in specialized fiber services, Bluebird Network remains committed to consistently delivering the most dependable services possible as it further builds out its network to be the go-to provider of highly scalable, low-latency data connectivity for Midwest-based organizations.

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