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Blue Ridge Communications is a local telecommunications company that provides Internet through digital subscriber line to residential and commercial customers mainly in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Originally established in Palmerton in 1953 as a telephone service provider, Blue Ridge also ventured into offering dial-up and the evolution in to broadband services. Blue Ridge Communications currently offers fiber optic and cable internet with download speeds of up to 1Gbps for it’s residents. They possess fiber optic network, which provides very fast and more reliable access to the internet. In terms of packages, you get different levels of internet speeds, at a basic level starting from 15 Mbps to the lightning-speed fiber service of 1Gbps. Blue Ridge business internet offers almost the same packages to cater for business needs with options for having a static IP address or to customize the internet package. Although Blue Ridge Communications covers service areas for the entire state of Pennsylvania, the company has maintained a more focused approach to its coverage area to serve its customers better by being more focused on its northeast PA region rather than expanding across the whole state. They offer internet packages that are not limited to data usage, have any contractual terms and conditions or any other hidden charges. Established in 1951, Blue Ridge has been serving the area for over six decades, and thus can rely on a stable, densely built infrastructure to offer residents and businesses in the region fast, reliable, and, importantly, affordable internet.

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