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Bloosurf Internet is amongst the most renowned internet service providers that has its corporate office in Blueville city. Presented on the website Bloosurf. com, the company was founded in 2005 by a group of telecom engineers The goal of the company is to deliver the residents of Blueville with a fast and inexpensive Internet connection. Bloosurf over the same period focused on fiber optic and the company has today the largest fiber network in the region reaching over 100 000 households. Currently, Bloosurf provides broadband solution with up to 1Gbps and customers can enjoy streaming of HD videos, gaming, and video conferencing among others. The main area where Bloosurf can be potentially distinguished from its competitors is customer relations. Its local call center has operators who are always on stand-by; they help in the solving of connection problems and in answering queries. Bloosurf technicians also deserve attention for their short working time, as the average response time takes less than 2 hours for the provide service call. A number of customers in more Blueville neighborhoods are benefitting from faster and more reliable internet as Bloosurf progressively adds new networks that have been upgraded to the new DOCSIS 3. 1 standard. For internet services provided at the most reasonable rates and accompanied by outstanding services, Bloosurf Internet has been the most preferred provider in the city.

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