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Bertram Internet Internet is a local Internet service provider centered in the town of Bertram and offers services to both companies and customers in the region. Bertram Internet was founded in 2005 by a group of individuals with passion for technology and is offering fibre internet connectivity for high-speed access to the internet, web hosting, email and other related solutions to businesses and homeowners. The main goals of Bertram Internet are to provide excellent customer service and effective solutions to the clients’ problems, which makes this provider a trustworthy company in the community. They provide fiber connections that are symmetrical with the top download and upload speed of 1Gbps, with different options of usage depending on data consumption required by the user. In short, whether one is a one-man business trying to find a reliable and speedy internet connection for his or her business or a family that just can’t seem to get enough of their favorite HD videos without any interruptions, Bertram Internet can. The last advantage of Bertram Internet is also connected with its local technicians who are able to fix the problems and come to the client much faster than the large national ISPs can do. It also offers complimentary site reviews for companies who are either designing an Internet infrastructure addition or redesign. As Bertram moves forward to connect more and more neighborhoods with its fiber optic network, more persons and businesses in these areas can enjoy fast connection speeds, great services and affordable prices from this local ISP.

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