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Ben Lomand Connect is a local ISP located in Tennessee, providing its clients with broadband Internet connection, telephony, and home protection services. Originally established in the early 1990s and owned by the Ferrell family, Ben Lomand aims to offer dependable, high-speed internet and excellent customer service to users across its coverage regions. The internet packages offered by Ben Lomand through fiber-optic connections include both download and upload speeds at a maximum of 1 Gbps. It provides cheap Internet plans for homes, offices, and single people while allowing business firms to access special plans depending on their needs which may include faster and more data-intensive connections. Tennessee has the focus of the company’s fibre network where it has invested heavily on expansion of the fibre networks in different cities and towns of the state. With a focus on establishing long-term relationships with its clientele, Ben Lomand presents its potential clients with appropriate options of Internet services and other related services. The technicians are usually sourced from within the region to enhance the implementation of their tasks. Ben Lomand focuses on creating lasting connections with the citizens of Tennessee by providing them with reliable connections and excellent customer service whenever there is a problem. In its continuous upgrading of its networks, Ben Lomand Connect remains on the cutting edge of offering dependable, fast Internet services to all the communities in Middle Tennessee and other selected areas.

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  • Fiber

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