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North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC) is a telecommunications cooperative based in Northern Missouri that offers telephone, high speed internet and television services to rural communities. NCTC was formed in 1951 and has spent the last two decades in expanding fiber-optic network in the service area to provide high-speed internet. NCTC provides fiber to the home internet speeds at 1Gig which means customers are able to videoconference, stream high-definition movies, and use multiple devices simultaneously without any lag. It means that they offer truly unlimited internet plans with no data caps, no throttling, and professional customer support available round the clock. Subscribers also have a chance to use the NCTC Smart WiFi application for the efficient control of home networks. Besides the high-speed internet service, NCTC offers digital phone service with unlimited calling across the country and video services that include live TV streaming. NCTC operates as a cooperative with the mission of improving the quality of life for rural communities by connecting them to the digital world. Most of it is reinvested to enhance and develop the service in order to generate more revenue. Further fiber infrastructure deployment is still underway and, therefore, NCTC is on the mission of connecting more rural homes and establishments to fast and dependable internet.

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