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Barrier-Free Internet pertains to the process of making the internet usable by people with disabilities. It seeks to close the gaps that limits access of the internet for those with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive disabilities. Certain important challenges that need to be taken up include web site that are not designed to be easily accessible by the visually impaired user using a screen reader, lack of captions and scripts for video & audio content for the hearing impaired and complicated site structure that is not easily navigable with a screen reader. In order to remove the internet barrier, there is a necessity to follow the guidelines and standards, which are adopted by websites and applications such as WCAG 2. 1 to create accessible content. These are tags for images to enhance the experience for users with screen readers through the use of proper heading and list structure, non-text media such as audio, video and CAPTCHA to have accessible text descriptions, ability to make content zoomed without losing functionality and the ability to control content only with a keyboard. The purpose is to guarantee opportunities for and inclusion for the groups of concern. If a little extra thought and action from developers adhere to accessibility guidelines, the aim of extending equal access to those with disability of internet based information and services can be realised. The result is creation of spaces through which the opportunity to benefit from the digital revolution comes to them.

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