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BAI Connect Internet is an internet service providers company recently established in Bangladesh. BAI Connect was established in the year 2008 and it has proved to be among the leading and most efficient internet service providers within the short period of existence. BAI Connect offers fiber optic internet service to households and other commercial establishments in Dhaka city and other locations. The company also has a strong network base using technologies such as GPON and Metro Ethernet that helps BAI Connect offer some of the fastest internet speeds of up to 100MBPS. BAI Connect has one of the best customer relations and their support is always willing to help. It has a customer service team that actively responds to customer complaints and challenges encountered when using the product. BAI Connect has received quite positive feedback regarding their services, especially regarding their rapid response to requests for support and the expertise of the technical support team. Besides, BAI Connect internet packages are reasonable in terms of pricing and could be easily afforded by most households and organizations despite the current economic challenges. Some of the presented offers include endlessly variable plans in regards to the speed, data quotas, and prices. Given the fact that BAI Connect Internet provides fast internet services at reasonable prices with attractive plans and excellent customer support, the company has successfully claimed its position as one of the leading internet service providers for homes and businesses in Bangladesh within just a few years of its operation.

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