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BackWoods Wireless Internet is a regional wireless internet service provider company with the mission of offering high-speed, affordable and stable wireless internet connectivity to the rural areas. BackWoods was started in 2008 as a company made by a group of individuals with an interest in technology and internet service in the local area Based on point-to-point wireless transmission, BackWoods offers internet speeds of up to 25mbps for homes and businesses in remote areas. Operate from a small town called Timber Oak, BackWoods Wireless has put up over 120 transmission towers within a 50-mile radius; these transmission towers are fixed on high grounds and tall buildings to provide a live, physical, and constantly moving wireless network. The support team that is assigned to manage the network is very experienced and adheres strictly to the service level agreements that have been put in place this means that the technical team is on stand by and can quickly attended to any problems that may occur in the network. Remote and rural population, in particular, used satellite internet as their only choice; however, the higher prices with slower speeds and unreliable connection make them an undesirable option for many communities in the developed world. As a mission with wireless solutions, BackWoods aims at dealing with this rural penalty by ensuring that users in rural America can easily access reasonable and speedy internet connection. A prospect of further development for the next 5 years envision BackWoods to extend the company’s wireless broadband services to many more counties classified as ‘‘still underserved. ’’

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