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Avant Wireless Internet is a small ISP that provides broadband internet services in the given region to residents as well as establishments. Avant was started in 2003 and it has its operational base in Chicago It offers wireless services across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin using advanced wireless technology. Avant Wireless delivers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps to power all your devices for business, streaming entertainment, smart homes, etc. Their internet packages are unlimited, thus allowing customers conduct activities such as video conferencing, streaming movies, playing online games, and browsing the internet, among others, without incurring additional charges. To be good and competitive in today’s fast-growing technological world, Avant knows the need for good customer care and technical support. The company has recruited a team of IT experts who work round the clock to address any internet connection or wireless network problems that their customers may encounter. They also provide related packages such as web hosting services, email hosting services, network security services and many more for business organizations. And that’s why, whatever your need is – reliable home internet connection or tailored business solution, Avant Wireless provides network solutions, technologies, and outstanding customer care to ensure you stay connected in the wired world of today. Call Avant today for more information on how to get fast, wireless internet connections for home or business throughout the Midwest region.

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