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AtLink Services Internet is an ISP based in the Midwest and was established in 2005. The company mainly focuses on delivering fiber internet connections to communities. Currently, AtLink has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it provides services to more than 500000 consumers, including both residential and commercial clients in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio Michigan, and Kentucky. Through its advanced 100% fiber optic infrastructure, AtLink delivers bandwidth up to one (1) Gig per second, enabling customers to watch high-definition videos, play video games, work remotely, or engage in any other demanding online activities without delays. There are also bundle options for enhanced services such as TV and phone services from AtLink. The thing that makes AtLink stand out from myriad other ISP services is their community support – Every customer who subscribes to AtLink service contributes a percentage of their bill toward STEM Education for schools within the service regions of AtLink. Customer care is also exceptional citing some of the shortest queue times and highest complaint closure ratios in the Midwest ISPs as sampled by consumers. By offering affordable, fast, and reliable internet connection together with local service delivery, AtLink has proved to be the leading internet service provider to thousands of midwestern homes and companies.

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