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Atlas Broadband is a famous high-speed internet service company that offers its services to both households and offices in the area. Established in 2005, Atlas Broadband is a company that has invested in fiber optics technology that has enabled the company to offer its clients with fast and reliable internet connectivity. Atlas Broadband claims that it can deliver Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps and it is one of the fastest service providers. Whether the users require gigabit internet connectivity for streaming HD videos and movies, gaming, working from home or home businesses, Atlas has internet packages to suit their needs. Internet uptime is crucial and that is why Atlas offers its clients fast and uninterrupted access to customer support and monitoring 24/7. It is also well-built and valid in terms of fiber that contains some redundancy at all levels of construction to provide the highest available uptime. Also, Atlas Broadband shields consumers from threats with a provided firewall, anti-virus, as well as parental filters. Unlike other companies that tie you up in long-term contracts and off you put extra hidden costs, Atlas Broadband offers free installation together with all taxes and equipment fees – Atlas Broadband will get you connected to the world, and keeps you connected. It’s time to get connected with the region’s premier internet service provider – Atlas Broadband – for super-fast, reliable fiber optics with the best customer support!

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