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Armstrong Internet is an ISP which is based in Pennsylvania and it has more than 300 000 customers in some states of USA; the company offers high-speed Internet and digital TV and phone services. Armstrong Cable was started in 1971 by John H. Armstrong when cable TV industry was in its early stage and originally it dealt in cable TV services only. In the following years, Armstrong adapted and broadened its services to provide high speed internet connection in 1996 and digital phone services in 2003 to accommodate customers’ continually increasing demand. Today Armstrong still invests on the network enhancement to support the internet speed. They now provide fiber internet services and speeds of up to 1G in some cities and provide cable internet with up to 400 Mbps. Based on their internet service provision, they offer timely connections and relatively cheaper as compared to the slow DSL internet in many of their areas of operation. With its cheap prices, high Internet speeds, and satisfactory customer satisfaction score, Armstrong wants to become the most popular local provider of the services it offers in the regions interested. These regional internet service providers like Armstrong are significant to overcome the digital divide given the growing usage and popularity of fast, reliable home internet.

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