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AristotleNet is a complex project that the authors wish to build as an alternative to the current format of the World Wide Web, focused on the principles of openness, decentralization, and non-profit. The program is named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle, indicating that the founders aimed to create a platform for knowledge exchange and the dissemination of this knowledge for the benefit of society, not for financial gains or to use it as a spying tool. While AristotleNet represents a radically different approach to navigating the internet, the company’s core values are a stark contrast to the ad-based internet monopolists dominating the online sphere today. While present networks are most aggressive in data and attention monetization, AristotleNet is all about user and community enablement. Its architecture is built in such a way that there can be no central control over the network or restrictions on the sorts of applications that may run on the network. With AristotleNet, the founders of this new Internet require ten basic principles based on open source protocols, user sovereignty, and net neutrality to restore the balance between private consumers and large technology companies. They foresee the development of the internet as an environment that supports disaggregation of services, participation of the masses in decision making processes, and a diverse and vibrant society apart from the closed silos. If successful, AristotleNet could set the precedent for people-oriented networks that are more focused on promoting the common good.

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