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Applied Technology Group (ATG) is one of the Internet service providers, which was established in the year 1993 in Oakland, California. ATG offers connectivity services that include fiber optic Internet to home and business users as well as Internet hosting, data storage and other services within the San Francisco Bay Area. ATG is one of the oldest ISPs in the area, having been in existence for over a quarter of a century and has proved to offer affordable and steady internet connection. Their broadband packages have download and upload speeds up with 1Gbps, allowing users to video call, watch high definition videos and share large files in record time. Business customers can also add features to their internet service such as static IPs, faster upload speeds and contracts on service levels. Another strength that can be attributed to ATG is that they own their fiber optic system that runs through over one hundred and twenty five miles across the East Bay. This local access means that ATG can offer stable speeds in the regions without depending on the third-party infrastructure. It also has customer service all through including network monitoring from their California Oakland. Whether it is for home use or business use, ATG can provide all the necessary solutions as we have been established with the necessary experience and support.

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