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This wireless communication provider primarily provides mobile phone and internet services in some of the states in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio. However, for home internet, Appalachian Wireless offers wireless broadband internet services to rural households within their areas of operation where cable or fiber services are unavailable. Another product offered by their company is the wireless home internet service that utilizes fixed wireless technology to offer download speeds of up to 25Mpbs. It can be used for web surfing, emails, social networks, video streaming, and other similar stuff, and you can even have multiple devices connected. The installation of this service is very simple and straightforward; it does not have hidden costs such as equipment costs and does not restrict the amount of data used. Appalachian Wireless; therefore, utilizes the extensive wireless network throughout the Appalachian region to offer internet service that is similar to broadband services. However, for individuals in rural areas with a vast countryside background, their fixed wireless internet service provides rather decent throughputs with a stable connection. With no hardware cost to its potential consumers and the competitively affordable pricing of its services, Appalachian Wireless broadband is a good option for rural people who want to connect to the internet at home. Providing wireless, high-speed internet in underserved areas, especially in Central Appalachia and parts of the rural Midwest, Appalachian Wireless is an organization fighting the digital divide.

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