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Antietam Broadband is a regional ISP that provides Internet to the Washington County in Maryland through a high speed connection. Originally established in 2004 as a developmental organization due to the scarcity of broadband connection in rural western Maryland at that period, Antietam has emerged as the market leader in the county. Antietam offers broadband internet services using fiber optic and fixed wireless with the capability of achieving up to 1Gbps. No fee is charged for data usage as well as customers are not bound by contracts hence the reliability and freedom that is offered by Antietam. Standard packages begin at an affordable $49. 99 monthly for 25 Mbps speeds for home users. There are also faster speeds of up to 1Gbps and bundled TV services through IPTV technology. In particular, Antietam afford businesses convenient and efficient solutions which can be easily customized according to the type of connection required. This scalability includes plans that can go up to a blazing fast 10 Gbps over dedicated fiber connection. Additional options include items such as static IP addresses, VPN tunneling, VLAN, and Wi-Fi networks, among others. All Pop. email services are monitored 24/7 with technical support available 24/7 from the United States to ensure the maximum uptime. Therefore, Antietam offers its services to the business people in Washington County at a reasonable price with competent local employees in order to ensure that businesses remain connected and productive. In conclusion, Antietam Broadband delivers vital broadband services to an area that still suffers from gaps in internet availability as of now. It has remained determined to deliver more reliable as well as quality broadband connectivity to Western Maryland.

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