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Amarillo Wireless Internet offers wireless internet connections in Amarillo at competitive rates with fairly high speeds and good connectivity. Founded in 2008, they have developed into the leading wireless ISP because of their customer service delivery and the coverage they give to the region. They have been providing wireless internet in Amarillo for over 10 years and provide consumers with different package options depending on whether they are a business or homeowner. Their residential plans could be utilized to power all household appliances with wifi access, starting at $39.99 monthly. Various business packages are also available, which feature such extras as unrestricted data transfer, dedicated public IP addresses, and VPN connections for businesses’ more complex needs. This network has a span that extends over 90 % of the Amarillo facility and boasts more than 50 towers placed throughout the town. This extensive infrastructure enables them to offer wireless internet speeds that can even compete with many wired connections but without cords and connection expenses. Since they are fairly priced, have a wide coverage area, and have friendly local customer representatives, Amarillo Wireless Internet is bent on ensuring that their customers get the connection that makes them enjoy the modern internet-dependent ways of life and conducting business.

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