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ALLO Communications is a mid-sized ISP offering services primarily in some states in the Midwest and the Western United States. Established in 2003, ALLO boasts about being the company that brings fiber optic internet connections to homes and businesses to increase connection speed and reliability of the link. Includes a wide range of speed tiers starting from the most basic 100Mbps to stream, browse the web, and download files and going up to 2Gbps for households that need more bandwidth. Regardless of the speed that the customer has subscribed to, this ALLO internet comes with the following offers; unlimited data and no throttling or data cap. Besides the fast speed, ALLO wants to offer focused, local customer support from Omaha, Nebraska. Technicians are not outsourced employees but instead are stationed in the regions they work in for improved installation and customer support. This also applies to existing customers where ALLO has incentives to upgrade the clients to the new faster tiers as they introduce them so that the clients can be up to date with the latest infrastructure. Currently still on the Allo’s growth but currently it offers fiber optic internet service in several cities located in Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona. ALLO has been able to offer gigabit connections at competitive prices as well as having a strong loyalty to both local customers and the community, making it ready for further expansion as consumers' internet becomes more demanding.

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