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Alaska Communications is one of the leading internet service providers in Alaska, which provides broadband internet services that are fast in many regions of Alaska. Alaska Communications has over 75 years of communication experience in Alaska which is a difficult region in terms of geographical structure and climate; the company has carved out a niche for itself in offering access to connectivity even in the most difficult terrains. Currently, the broadband plan is available for Alaskan homes and offices through the Alaska Communications. They offer internet with fiber-optic connectivity in some areas of the four mentioned cities and the other cities with the fastest connection of 1Gbps. For the rural clients, they avail internet via DSL, fixed wireless, satellite among other technologies suitable for distant areas. Some of the services provided by Alaska Communications include Unlimited data services for voice, mobile, email facilities, website hosting, online backup and storage among others for personal and business use. The goals are to ensure that Alaskans stay connected with the help of technologies, including 5G wireless, as well as to promote efficiency and affordability of the energy sources. Alaska Communications for a long time focuses on delivering high-speed and reliable internet access to empower residents and organizations in Alaska.

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