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AirFiber is a wireless broadband internet technology developed by Ubiquiti Networks for the purpose of point-to-point connections. Wireless mesh networks offer very high speed and extended reach over longer distances using specific antennas and radios that operate in the unlicensed radio bands. AirFiber links are capable of connecting devices that are more than 15 kilometres apart with transmission speeds of more than 1 gigabit per second. The equipment has integrated user-friendly software for planning, installation, and the management of the linkages. It can also be run locally or it can be managed remotely through a web interface that connects to the cloud. AirFiber networks has following advantages; High Throughput Low latency Easy to deploy High availability and High security. The links offer carrier-class connectivity between different sites or buildings at an affordable cost compared to the installation of fibre-optic cables. To sum up, oil and gas, educational institutions, military, service providers, and many more can benefit from connectivity using AirFiber. AirFiber links are very reliable in many weathers and terrains that may be even difficult to predict. Equipment has advanced features such as adaptive modulation and active radio resource management to keep availability up/down over 99. 999%. They also use 128-bit AES encryption links to ensure that data transmitted within the network is not intercepted by third parties. In summary, AirFiber is a reliable wireless backhaul that offers flexibility in meeting an organization’s objective of establishing high speed networks promptly and efficiently.

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