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Thirdly, advanced broadband internet can be defined as internet connections that provide broadband characteristics of high speed and large capacities. In the recent past, the use of the internet has expanded. With the use of the internet for streaming video, cloud computing, and other uses that require large amounts of data, the demand for the internet has grown to the extent that there is a need to get faster internet connections and more data as compared to before. Advanced broadband generally offers download speeds of not less than 25 Mbps, although some connections may offer up to 1 Gbps or even more. These faster speeds allow many devices that are connected to the home or to a business to operate seamlessly simultaneously. It also means higher bandwidth for streaming Ultra HD 4K videos, video conferencing services, cloud backup of large files, and online games that depend on low latency. Broadband connectivity is a vital component of economic growth and jobs in the twenty-first century. Expansion of fiber optic lines, DOCSIS 3. 1 cable, and 5G wireless means more people can connect at a higher internet speed. Governments are thus rolling out advanced broadband for increased coverage and usage to create a wider population with access to the new technologies. Altogether, the high-capacity internet connection in developed countries provides increased innovation and productivity improvements in many industries.

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