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The company is commonly known as 186networks and is an internet Service Provider that supplies fiber based internet connection to residential and commercial premises. established in 2005, 186networks employs fiber optics to offer the broadband connection that can reach up to 1 gigabyte per second, which is among the fastest in the market. The 186networks is a company that provides services to over 20 states, and it is constantly working to extend the fiber optics network to connect more people. They have different home packages with speed that goes from 50Mb/s to 1Gb/s according to the package chosen. Every plan currently available in the market comes with free data, no lock-ins, no fine print, and no unnecessary charges. It’s the gigabit fiber plan which is fairly affordable in the marked they are in. For businesses, 186networks offer the best fiber internet solution with dedicated service to suit your business needs. Upload and download speeds are balanced, making data transfer quick and providing the background for data-heavy operations. It also has combined phone and television services for the consumers whether they are the individual consumers or business entity consumers. As providing round-the-clock customer support and ensuring a network uptime of 99. 99%, 186networks has the goal of offering the best online experience by using fiber optic technology. When it comes to fiber Internet services, 186networks seem to be a company that is headed towards the horizon of growth, meaning more customers can enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable fiber internet from the company.

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  • Fixed Wireless

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