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123NET Internet is one of the most popular ISPs providing internet service at faster rates in all the regions of the country. Established in 2005, 123NET has been experiencing remarkable growth in the years that followed to become one of the leading brands that offer Internet Service Provider solutions. 124NET offers dedicated fiber optic internet services with speeds that can go up to 1Gbps. This enables the clients to instantly stream high-definition videos, play games, conduct video calls, and so on without any intermissions. The network has been established and deployed from the ground up with the intended goal of providing high speed for a constant period. The company leverages state-of-the-art DOCSIS 3. 1 standards and networks to make internet connection speediest. Customers can also opt to have bundle packages of 123NET internet services with cable television and home telephones. This leads to more savings and convenience since one does not have to travel back to the original point of purchase to understand or explain the product. In the case of the service and dependability, 123NET Internet, the target is to offer higher uptime and low latency. It also provides the user with amazing customer support services which is available at all times. Being technically oriented, the personnel is always on the watch and standing by to solve all the problems that may occur while connecting to the Internet. Additional attributes such as affordable tariffs, broad coverage area, advanced technologies, and outstanding customer care make 123NET Internet aim to provide clients with the best Internet service all across the country.

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  • Fiber Internet

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