Optimum Internet Review

Optimum Internet Review: Good When It Wants to Be

If you are looking for an Internet provider that offers fast speeds, low prices, and high overall value, then there is no better option than Optimum Online. Their plans come with unlimited data and a low equipment fee, so they won't break your budget even if it rains cats & dogs every day! Plus, their customer service team will help ensure everything goes smoothly, so what have you got goin' on?

Optimum's low prices and fast speeds may be appealing initially, but the company has a history of changing its policies suddenly without warning. That includes hiking up monthly service fees and decreasing your Upload Speed if you're not doing anything wrong - frustrating!

Optimum internet plans and service details

Additionally, some locations may only have two options for Internet service. The lack of a gigabit plan is unfortunate if you live outside New York City because it's easy to see how fast your connection could become with this level and type of bandwidth! Gigabit and 100Mbps plans are unavailable in all areas, but there is a new option for those needing the fastest speeds possible. The Optimum 500mbps plan will be an offer to begin January 1st at $74/month, whereas before, it was only available to residents living outside these designated cities: Atlanta; Austin-San Marcos area (including San Antonio); Little Rock & Memphis. Beyond that, some sites may receive 400 Mbps instead of 300 or 500 MBPS, while others can choose from symmetrical fiber packages which offer more steady internet access depending upon your location!

EarthLink home internet plans

Plan Max speeds Starting
monthly price
Regular monthly
price (after
12 months)
equipment fee
Optimum 300 300Mbps download,
20Mbps upload
$40 $110 None None None
Fiber Optimum
300Mbps download,
300Mbps upload
$40 $110 None None None
Optimum 500 500Mbps download,
20Mbps upload
$60 $130 None None None
Fiber Optimum
500Mbps download,
500Mbps upload
$60 $130 None None None
Optimum 1 Gig 940Mbps download,
35Mbps upload
$80 $140 None None None
Fiber Optimum 1
940Mbps download,
940Mbps upload
$80 $140 None None None

Optimum FlexAbility plans break up the bundle (and the savings)

The new FlexAbility plan is a pretty good deal if you're looking for internet service. However, if bundle savings are what motivate your decision and remember that these offerings vary depending on which Optimum package fits best into your lifestyle--300Mbps download speeds with TV included in one instance but not another? 500Mb/month without it or 1 Gbps total bandwidth instead?! It's all about finding out what works best suited towards meeting individual needs!

With the new FlexAbility plans from Optimum, you can choose what internet and TV package work best for your household. Here's how it works: find out which options are available at your address; pick one of our many great choices that will fit any budget!

Beware the 12-month price increase

The introductory pricing is excellent, but what about down the road? Optimum imposes a price increase after one year of service like many Internet services providers.

Customers who sign up for Optimum during the promotion will be notified about any changes in their rates before it expires. The exact amount of this discount can change, but we'll let you know as soon as possible!.

It's always nice when you can get the services of your choice without having any pesky contracts or early termination fees hanging over your head. Fortunately, Optimum online doesn't force their customers into an unwanted decision between high standard prices and costly penalties- if they increase the price too much (or more than what is reasonable), there are no hard feelings!.

Upload speeds are competitively low

Generally, cable internet upload speeds will be lower than download speeds. That's just the nature of these connections, and Optimum Internet is no different in this regard. Still, parent company Altice also decided to take its uploads even further down for 2022!

But hey, no data caps or contracts

Internet service providers like Optimum and Cox contrast each other in the market because they offer different benefits. While both can be considered reliable, there are some essential differences between them, such as price tag or data cap restrictions that may apply to your specific plan type depending on which one you choose at signing time.

Optimum Wi-Fi equipment and fees

Optimum's $10 per month Wi-Fi equipment rental fee was already cheaper than many providers. Now, they've dropped that additional charge altogether! The gear you get isn't half bad either;. At the same time, your choice of plan and network type will determine what kind of router comes with it (cable vs. fiber). Select Optimums in specific markets may be equipped for faster speeds thanks to their new Fiber Internet Service Model. Which provides up to 100Mbps download capabilities and uploads maxing out at 50MBps total bandwidth each month without any maximum monthly usage imposed by our customer.

Installation is included at no extra cost when you order online. Still, if professional installation with Wi-Fi configuration on up to six devices and hardwiring one device isn't quite what's needed, there are also affordable options for smaller-scale projects.

Optimum home internet availability

Optimum's coverage area spans two boroughs in New York City -- Brooklyn and the Bronx-- and a stretch beyond. North to south, serviceability runs from Dutchess County. At the same time, east-to-west, it is available on Long Island past Bridgeport into Connecticut before ending at an imaginary line near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, due west across our border.

It's primarily cable, with some FTTH mixed in

The Optimum broadband service primarily uses cables to deliver speed. While this can reach gigabit download speeds, it cannot compare with the consistency and efficiency you can get from fiber connections at higher prices per month or year. Depending on your location about where they're laying, new lines are currently being constructed for faster internet access throughout our area!

Altice is working to bring fiber internet, specifically through the "fiber-to-the home" model. This strategy makes sense as soon users will be looking for this type of connection, and the company acknowledged that it has built out its network accordingly to satisfy those needs. Fiber optic cables allow data speeds up to 3 gigabytes per second, so you'll never have any buffering or latencies when browsing online!

If you live in an area where Optimum is available, it's likely to be one of the better internet options for download speeds. The company offers a variety from 100Mbps up to 940 Mbps at lower prices than most competitors with similar tier offerings! With a no-contract, the month-to-month plan, you can enjoy the fastest speeds possible without increasing your rates after 12 months. However, these benefits come at an expense - there isn't any contract, so if something goes wrong or pricing changes drastically, it's easy for them to convert customers over!

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