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About Our Frontier Communications Speed Test

Frontier Communications offers high-speed internet, home phone service, and TV service.

Frontier Communications is one of the leading providers of high-speed internet in the country. They are available in 41 states, including California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and many more. The company offers internet speed up to 1 Gbps. They also provide home phone service with unlimited nationwide long-distance calling for only $10 a month with no contract required.

Check out our speed test to see if your broadband is up for the task of streaming HD videos or downloading large files. We’ve got two modules that display statistics about download and upload speeds, which are key indicators in assessing internet robustness because they tell you how fast data gets from point A (you) onto my computer screen without getting lost along the way! As an example here at Frontier we average 54 Mbps on downstream traffic with an average latency around 1 ms - not too shabby considering wired connections can range anywhere between 5ms-70+ms depending upon location while satellite services typically show 500+800.

Top Cities For Frontier Communications Internet Service

City Max Advertised Download speed User Speed test Mbps
Bridgeport, CT 940 mbps 13 mbps
Charleston, WV 940 mbps 13 mbps
Durham, NC 940 mbps 48 mbps
Elk Grove, CA 940 mbps 30 mbps
Fort Wayne, IN 940 mbps 144 mbps
Hartford, CT 940 mbps 12 mbps
Muskegon, MI 940 mbps 14 mbps
New Haven, CT 940 mbps 8 mbps
Rochester, NY 940 mbps 10 mbps
Stamford, CT 940 mbps 14 mbps

Fastest Cities For Frontier Communications Internet Service

City Max Advertised Download speed User Speed test Mbps
Bergen, NY 940 mbps 840 mbps
Orestes, IN 940 mbps 533 mbps
Tonopah, NV 940 mbps 470 mbps
Bethany, WV 940 mbps 410 mbps
Sherrard, IL 940 mbps 397 mbps

Frontier Communications Speed Test FAQ

Frontier's speed tests are based on real-world user tests that come from both DSL and Fios connections. The results of these types of testing show how an internet service provider performs differently depending on its network type, so it is best to take them more as representative for Frontier Communications in general rather than a specific area where they provide services alone like with their copper wireline networks or fiber optic cable systems respectively (e.g., only using data speeds).

Frontier DSL Download Speeds vs Upload Speeds

Frontier's download and upload speeds are generally strong, but vary depending on your service area. If you live in a "Fios" area (for Frontier Fios services), it should be similar to what they advertise for downloads - usually around 10 Mbps or higher

For DSL broadband customers like me who live outside this “fiber-to-the curb” coverage zone of theirs – well our Upload rates will typically hover less than 1/10th that amount when compared against Download capacities!

Having download speeds that are much faster is normal for home Internet service. Most online activities (Netflix, Facebook) need dramatically more download bandwidth than upload as a result of how they operate and the types of content those provide-so it's no wonder networks prioritize your downloads when maximizing availability!

Frontier Latency Test Results

Frontier’s backbone is largely fiber-based, so you shouldn't experience any lags on your Internet connection. Their relatively low latency or ping - the measurement of how long data takes to travel from remote servers and return - makes it one of the best ISPs for online video chat with friends across different platforms like Skype and Discord!

Frontier DSL vs Fiber Network Speeds

Frontier uses two different types of cable to connect their customers: DSL and fiber. Their “Fios” lines are mostly marketed for Internet service, but they also sell telephone grade phone service on some areas with a higher concentration in rural communities that cannot get high speed internet access through other means because there aren't many people or buildings nearby who need it (or have requested the installation).

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