Earthlink internet review

EarthLink is a unique Internet Service Provider that stands out from the competition - by relying on the DSL and fiber-optic networks of other companies! This means EarthLink offers broad availability in more than 20+ states across America. California, New York and Texas have particularly strong coverage but with EarthLink you'll also be able to connect even if you're based elsewhere.

EarthLink offers customers high availability and a wide selection of internet speeds, but higher pricing is the tradeoff. Despite costing more than most ISPs, EarthLink remains transparent in their pricing structure with unlimited data and an assurance not to reduce anyone's connection speed - making them worth considering when shopping around. You can read about the reviews for earthlink internet & plans.

EarthLink internet plans and pricing

EarthLink is your go-to for reliable, high speed home internet! With a range of connection types and plans available in select areas, you can surf the web with ease. From DSL to fiber optic options, EarthLink has an option fit just right for your address - so check out our different plans today!

EarthLink Wi-Fi, installation fees and data caps

EarthLink offers Wi-Fi with all its plans, giving you the convenience of both wired and wireless access. Although additional equipment is needed to take advantage of this service, it comes at a fixed cost - $13 per month for rental fee. You read review earthlink internet services. So don't forget to include that when looking at EarthLink's different plan options!

Comparing EarthLink to other providers

EarthLink is well-connected, giving them the capacity to bring internet access across most of America. Thanks to their extensive partnerships with DSL and fiber optic providers, they are a major player in US Internet Service Provider industry today. If you're on the hunt for an internet plan that offers both quality speed and affordability - compare cable plans first as it tends be faster than DSL; then look into fiberoptic plans which outpace even cable!

EarthLink customer satisfaction and contact info

Earthlink's customer satisfaction ratings are elusive, making it hard to gauge how actual customers rate their service. Outlets like the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D Power do not capture EarthLink in their reports, leaving many wondering if they're getting a good deal or not!

Despite a low customer review score, the Better Business Bureau has given EarthLink an "A-plus" rating. Out of 5 stars, their BBB customers rated them only 1.02! Compared to other major ISPs like Frontier (1.04), this is particularly concerning; many reviews and filed complaints point towards slow speeds and issues with early termination fees as sources of frustration for users.

is earthlink internet good?

Yes, Earthlink is an option that many people consider thanks to its long-standing reputation as one of the most reliable and cost-effective services on the market. You can rely on Earthlink with multiple plans and deals which make you more comfortable and affordable.


With EarthLink Internet Availability, you get access to reliable networks backed by a renowned ISP. Although costs are typically higher than other providers, customers can benefit from unmetered data and fixed pricing plans - ideal for those who want the reassurance of long-term budgeting certainty when it comes to their internet service!

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