About AT&T Internet Speed Test Tool

Whether AT&T Internet is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

Note: This speed test can be used to test any internet provider, not just AT&T Internet.

If your AT&T Internet speed test result is lower than expected, try resetting your router or call AT&T Internet customer service for additional assistance.

If you want to know how fast your internet connection is, take a look at these speed tests. Speedify's panels on either side of the screen show download and upload rates for both mepans (Mbps), latencies in ms as well as an average latency across all areas within coverage range; wired connections usually have much lowerms values than what we see here thanks largely because they don't rely soley upon wireless signals!

Top Cities For AT&T Internet Internet Service

City Download speed Use Speed Test
Houston, TX 940 mbps 463 mbps
Chicago, IL 940 Mbps 541 mbps
Los Angeles, CA 940 Mbps 530 mbps
Miami, FL 940 Mbps 477 mbps
San Antonio, TX 940 Mbps 470 mbps
San Diego, CA 940 Mbps 390 mbps
Dallas, TX 940 Mbps 667 mbps
San Jose, CA 940 Mbps 455 mbps
Austin, TX 940 Mbps 504 mbps
Saint Louis, MO 940 Mbps 522 mbps

Fastest Cities For AT&T Internet Internet Service

City Download speed Use Speed Test
Mc Henry, MS 940 mbps 1,008 mbps
Harbor City, CA 940 mbps 927 mbps
Villa Rica, GA 940 mbps 907 mbps
Liberty, TX 940 mbps 897 mbps
Danville, CA 940 mbps 891 mbps

AT&T Internet Speed Test FAQs

AT&T’s average Internet speeds are based on the last twelve months of speed test data. Speed tests we analyze to show statistics for AT&T on CTVforme come from Labs, which aggregates all customer measurements run through their system with Google's search result tools (such as rank tracking). We use IP verification so you can be confident in knowing that any visitor's results were found by an actual user rather than someone who had accessed your connection multiple times - this also helps us avoid manipulation caused by repeat or non-network users!

AT&T Internet Download and Upload Speeds

AT&T has been building out true “fiber to the home” networks in recent years and they're currently providing upload speeds equal to their download ones. This means you can get just as much data transferred onto your computer or phone for videos, websites etc., without any difference! AT&T's IPBB plans have different types of internet speed depending on where it is deployed: some prioritize downloads over other needs such as watching streaming video from YouTube which isn't possible with these kinds of specialized packages unless it doesn't make sense financially at all (such was seen recently).

AT&T Ping and Latency

AT&T has normal ping and latency in the context of other Internet providers. Most customers should see results well below 100ms.

AT&T Fiber vs AT&T IPBB: Speed Differences

AT&T has IPBB as well as fiber networks. Their fiber networks are often used for business services only. However, that has begun to change, and customers in many parts of the AT&T service area can get speeds up to the gigabit range for home use.

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