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Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless broadband service provider that provides internet services in relatively low population-density regions in the United States. Thus, using modern technologies, namely MIMO antennas, and beamforming, Rise Broadband is capable of offering up to 1 Gbps in broadband even if they don’t have to lay fiber or cable lines. These make them ideal for those who reside in rural areas and have no or little network of broadband internet as compared to other usual options. Rise Broadband uses towers and transmitters to transmit a wireless signal for people to pick up several miles away. A customer should be able to connect to the wireless network if they remain within the view of a tower.

The company has coverage in 16 states currently and many individuals especially those who require business-related services take advantage of the company’s reliable service. The advantages of Rise Broadband Internet are that it offers high speeds, does not limit the amount of data that may be used, does not charge high prices for its services, and is simple to set up, and is rather reliable. While Rise Broadband is geared more towards rural customers who may previously have experienced slow DSL or satellite internet, the service is much faster and capable of handling all the required internet activities of the current age. Gaining wider market coverage and consistently showcasing its ability to grow, Rise has established itself as the go-to brand for fixed wireless broadband in many areas across the country.

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