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Plateau Internet is an Internet service provider that operates a major hub in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State in north-central Nigeria. Established in 2005, the company has now emerged as one of the foremost ISPs in its jurisdiction, offering fast and secure internet connections to residences and corporations. Established in 1997, Plateau Internet was incorporated and aimed at providing broadband services, WiFi, and even web hosting, among others, using technological enhancements. Using fiber optic network connectivity and wireless technology, the company can offer a broadband connection of a of a maximum of 100 Mbps to customers to surf, watch, game, and work from home. Moreover, due to the company’s focus on specific services and individual clients, Plateau Internet offers customizable services and friendly customer service. For instance, for business clients who require escalated networks or domestic users who only require a simple WiFi configuration, their friendly sales and technical personnel help tailor connectivity packages and offer installations where necessary. The use of data and internet connectivity is on the rise in Nigeria, and Plateau Internet has not wavered on the need to adapt new structures and service delivery. It plans to do so by upgrading the current networks to the next level in order to extend the connectivity for more people in Plateau State, which would enhance the readiness of society for technology and internet usage.

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