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North Georgia Network (NGN) is an Internet service provider (ISP) company located in North Georgia that provides broadband high-speed Internet services to homes and businesses within the community. Launched in 2005, NGN offers fiber optic Internet options with download speeds that reach one gigabyte per second, meaning that its customers can easily and simultaneously download files, stream high-definition videos, make video calls, and do other similar activities. NGN is a fibre-optic based company that employs the best and latest fiber-optic cables, hardware, and other networking technologies to ensure that the internet connectivity it offers is very fast and efficient. In addition to this, fiber is revolutionarily different from older copper-based cable and digital subscriber line connections that are still in use in many regions in terms of bandwidth flexibility since it has almost infinite capacity. NGN is also frequently striving for the acquisition of new networks and equipment to integrate the most progressive methods of delivery. Currently, NGN has promised to offer the best internet services with dedicated and experienced technical personnel who are always on standby to attend to most connection problems that may arise within rural areas where larger national providers may not have offered their services. All their solutions are personalized according to the needs of the individual customer, from a home office through an upstart e-commerce business, virtual schooling, or streaming video. In conclusion, emphasis is placed on NGN’s goal of providing the fiber-optic Internet connectivity that is expected in today’s world to the people of North Georgia.

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