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Intelligent Computing Solutions Internet (ICSI) is a tech firm specializing in the provision of internet and cloud computing solutions. ICSI is an international research institute established in 2005 by a group of engineers who have gradually developed it as a renowned center for next-generation networking technologies over the last 15 years. Being an internationally recognized company based in San Francisco with offices in many US locations, ICSI comprises a set of products and services for the Enterprise that requires Internet connection upgrades and cloud computing utilization. ICSI’s products comprise fiber-optic infrastructure, edge computing infrastructure, clouds, internet exchange, and network management systems. As currently operating with more than 500 workers and providing services to over 3000 businesses, ICSI is known as an efficient and innovative Internet and Cloud services provider. Its networks and data centers connect many many large companies, helping them in their digital transformations. It boasts of its strong customer support with an adept team of technocrats and is well well-protected, scalable, and low-latency network system. As the next steps, ICSI plans to deepen its offerings in the cloud services sector at the same time as broadening the geography of the fiber optic network of high performance.

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