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InfoWest Internet is a Montana-based ISP that operates at the regional level, specifically in Missoula. Established in 1994, InfoWest is one of the largest Independently owned ISPs in the Northwest. InfoWest is a broadband provider of fiber internet, phone, and TV services to customers, both residential and commercial in Montana and the northern Idaho region. InfoWest fiber internet provides the customers with an internet connection speed of up to 1 gigabit per second, therefore, the customers can gain the ability to video conference, stream HD movies, play online games, and connect multiple devices simultaneously. InfoWest’s phone service: We provide adjustable and cheap options for phone connections, including an unlimited number of calls within the United States.

And when it comes to watching TV, they offer a picture quality that is as clear as crystal and hundreds of channels to choose from. Taking into account the primary difference between InfoWest and other telecommunications providers, it is crucial to note that InfoWest is actively involved both in local customer service and strives to be an active member of the community. The customer service team and technicians themselves reside in the regions where the company operates, meaning that they may always be available to assist. InfoWest also contributes to the community as they support local charities and events that reflect environmental concerns and the development of opportunities in information technology for young generations in the territories of their service. For many residents in the Northwest, the choice of provider is simple: InfoWest Internet, offers fast, reliable connections with outstanding local support.

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